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U-PACK machinery technology co.,Ltd

Have been committing to be the global leading supplier for intelligent packaging line

Company established in 2005

Since its establishment, the company has devoted itself to research, design, manufacture and technical services of factory automation, factory informatization and intelligent system. After more than ten years of development, U-PACK has become a well-known enterprise in the field of intelligent equipment in China. It is a solution provider for large-scale intelligent production lines in China, providing customers with multi-varieties and multi-forms of intelligent production lines and packaging systems.

U-PACK services the customers in various industries such as dairy, food, beverage, medicine, health products, automated warehouse, etc. In addition to enjoying a high reputation in the domestic market, the company's brand also has a high influence in the international market. The products are sold to many countries and regions, such as USA, Canada, Japan, Italy, Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa and so on.

Company Culture

With the development goal of becoming the global leading provider of intelligent packaging systems, we have been committing to R & D and manufacturing of intelligent packaging and warehousing system since our establishment.


Promoting the development of intelligent packaging system

Developing target

Become the global leading provider of intelligent packaging system

Core value

Integrity, Innovation, Dedication

Development History


Company establishment


Main product as conveying system.


Started to manufacture automatic case packer and palletizer.


Mass production of automatic case packer and palletizer.


Plant in Jinshan was put into use.


The "aluminum bottle beverage production line" independently developed by U-PACK was put into production successfully


The annual sales volume of aseptic package case packer exceeded 100 sets.


The first automated storage & retrieval system independently developed was applicated.

U-PACK Honor

U-PACK Honor
U-PACK Honor
U-PACK Honor
U-PACK Honor
U-PACK Honor
U-PACK Honor
U-PACK Honor
U-PACK Honor

Scientific research strength

The company has been awarded “National High-tech Enterprise” and “Shanghai Professional, Specialized, Distinctive and Creative Enterprise”. U-PACK has the R & D platform of enterprise technology center.

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U-PACK strength

The company's core R & D team members and management personnel have college degree or above, and they have profound technical reserves and many years of relevant industry experience in the field of packaging equipment and intelligent packaging system. At the same time of independent research and development, R & D personnel pay close attention to the latest international packaging technology, so as to continuously improve equipment performance and upgrade the equipment.

Technological innovation

Technological innovation

Adhering to the concept of independent innovation, U-PACK has always insisted on taking scientific and technological innovation as the driving force of enterprise development. The company has been continuously developing products for many years, and the investment in R & D continues to increase every year.

Excelsior quality

Excelsior quality

We have been implementing the quality principle of “market oriented, product excellence, continuous technology innovation, pursuing customer satisfaction” since our establishment.


U-PACK has multiple patents and certificates.


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