Win-Win Cooperating And Commonly Developing

Timely and effective service, pursuit of customer satisfaction

U-pack 24-hour service hotline +86-400-668-2041 gives you quick and convenient service response.

Standardized Service

Standardized image

Standardized communication process

Standardized tool configuration

Standardized service process

Service Support

After-sales service:

+86-21-69792041 ext.8103

Spare parts support:

+86-21-69792041 ext.8860

Service Spirit






Service Promis

24hours service support

Onsite or remote fault diagnosis

Rapid reaction

CRM to trace history service

Creating value for customers is the basis of all actions

Through standardized, customized and value-added services to reduce the using and maintenance cost of the customer's equipment, and then improve customer's product competitiveness and brand profitability. At the same time, it also improves the brand competitiveness of U-PACK and leads the new trend of industry service.

Service and Support

Provide customers with 7 * 24-hour technical service and support


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