Win-win cooperating and commonly developing

Win-win cooperating and commonly developing

U-pack adheres to the service spirit of "creating value for customers is the basis of all actions", takes customer demand as the center, uses first-class speed, first-class skills and first-class attitude to achieve the service goal of "exceeding customer expectations and industry standards".

Service action standard

Six “every”

Say every word well

Do everything well

Do every job well

Treat every customer well

Do every training well

Do every times of service well

Four “do not”

Don't let the work be delayed because of me

Don't let the promise be unfulfilled because of me

Don't let the service be cut off because of me

Don't let the company image be damaged because of me

Standardized Service

Standardized image

Standardized communication process

Standardized tool configuration

Standardized service process

Service Spirit

Enthusiasm -- Customer first, treat customers like family members

Initiative -- The customer only mention the requirement, we will do other related things

Standard -- Abide by rules and disciplines, and have the proper words and deeds

Timely -- Punctual and act on what we said

Effective – Focus on the effectiveness and verify the results

Service Promise

Excellence comes from persistence and professionalism. We are committed to the intelligent equipment manufacturing and being an industry expert.

24hours service support

Onsite or remote fault diagnosis

Rapid reaction

CRM to trace history service

Remote training

Equipment optimization service

Fast response to spare parts requirements

Exceed customer expectations and industry standards

Creating value for customers is the basis of all actions!

Through standardized, customized and value-added services to reduce the using and maintenance cost of the customer's equipment, and then improve customer's product competitiveness and brand profitability. At the same time, it also improves the brand competitiveness of U-PACK and leads the new trend of industry service.

Service site

Customer first, timely and effective service

Service site

Service star

Publicize and motivate the service consciousness of all staff, improve the service level

Service star

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