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Main products include automatic case packing system, automatic palletizing system, intelligent packing line, logistics sorting system, AS & RS, etc.

Automatic case packaging machine

This series machine is the key part of the automatic packing line. According to the package shape, packaging quantity and output requirements, it can be divided into two types: robot packaging and mechanical packaging machine. The robot packaging machine greatly improves the flexibility, stability and reliability of the packing line by changing the fixture and setting different grabbing procedures. Mechanical packaging machine pick and place products by means of air bag, clamping claw, etc. It is widely used in the packing line of various products. The suitable cartons for this series of machines are pre-made carton or American carton.

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Wrap around case packaging machine

According to different speed requirements and product packaging requirements, our company has three types of wrapping machine series: side entry wrapping machine, drop wrapping machine and continuous wrapping machine. This series of models are suitable for aseptic package, tinned package and packaging of bottled products with different speed requirements. They are widely used in dairy, beverage and food industries, improving production efficiency, saving packaging cost and space.

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Blister packaging machine

This is a thermal formed blister packaging machine which automatically forms blisters, inserts materials, and die cuts on one machine. The equipment is positioned in the injection market, suitable for penicillin bottle, ampoule bottle, oral liquid bottle, pre-filling needle, cartridge bottle, etc. The main applied drugs are related with blood, vaccine, tumor treatment, monoclonal antibody, etc.

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Automatic cartoning machine

According to the working mode, our series machines are divided into two types: continuous type and intermittent type. The continuous cartoner is suitable for the high-speed automatic packing of small size products. It includes the functions of carton opening, leaflet folding, product inserting, carton sealing and batch printing. The equipment has high transmission accuracy, precise positioning and strong stability at high speed. The intermittent cartoner is mainly suitable for packaging large-scale products. The motion control module drives the servo motor and the actuator, which make the operation more accurate and stable. Intelligent formula and module guidance make parameters setting easier. The balcony desk design make it easy to maintain and operate. It is suitable for feeding and conveying of products with various specifications. Fast specification switching, stable and reliable transportation.

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Automatic palletizer/depalletizer

There are 3 types machine for this series, robot palletizer, robot depalletizer and mechanical palletizer. Robot palletizer/depalletizer could match the demands of different quantities and forms of palletizing / palletizing by changing robot fixture and program. The robot application reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the flexibility of equipment. For mechanical palletizer, we have different models with with single channel or double channels to meet the palletizing requirements of different speeds.

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Automated warehouse system

According to different requirements of customers, U-PACK provides one-stop automated warehousing solution from solution design to project delivery. This scheme can meet the needs of all process of supply chain, such as receiving, warehousing, supplying, sorting, packaging and delivery. U-PACK has different storage schemes such as pallet storage warehouse, mini-load storage warehouse and pallet shuttle warehouse.

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Software system

The software developed by U-PACK includes Production Management System, Warehouse Management System, Warehouse Control System and Traceability System. The software systems combine with the hardware systems to complete the information monitoring, management and traceability functions of the overall packaging system.

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Multi-stick automatic packing machine

We have different models to meet the requirement of different capacity and sachet size.

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Powder packaging machine

This series machine are imported from OPTIMA, Germany. It is a continuously working, high-performance positioning and filling machine with an integrated auger filler.

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