Sorting And Conveying System

The sorting and conveying system is generally composed of control device, sorting device, conveying device and sorting entrance. The above devices are connected by computer network, combined with manual control and corresponding manual processing links to form a complete sorting system.


Chain conveyorChain conveyor
Roller conveyorRoller conveyor
Belt conveyorBelt conveyor
Screw conveyorScrew conveyor

TS Universal wheel

  • High performance, speed is up to 2.5m/m

  • Servo control unit ensure product transfer smoothly

  • Modular design, standard components, customized system

  • Free choice of storage-out position

  • Easy dismantle and maintenance

  • Self-lubricated parts

  • Low noise

Two sides sorting

Two sides sorting
Two sides sorting

Cross-belt sorting system

The automatic sorting system can identify the barcode of the waybill, define the pass condition of each sorting exit, and sort the parcels quickly and accurately. It has the characteristics of high utilization rate of the space, high sorting efficiency and low error rate. It could reduce 80% of the labor force. The system is widely applied to the express delivery and e-commerce industries.


Efficient operation of equipment for a long time to improve site utilization

Has strong adaptability, can be connected with the systems of express e-commerce companies, customer information management systems and platforms

Can be customized according to customer needs.

Support automatic code scanning and weighing


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