Food is a commodity necessary for people's basic life. It is generally divided into 16 categories, each of which has many sub categories. Food consumption is huge and various. Nowadays, food consumption is becoming more and more functional, healthy and personalized. Under such market demand, food packaging industry is facing higher challenges and requirements. Packaging equipment must meet the requirements of automation, intelligence and personalization.

What can U-PACK do for the food industry?


U-PACK can provide one-stop secondary packaging equipment and related services from cartoning, case packing, palletizing to intelligent warehouse.


U-PACK independently developed case wrapping machines, case packing machines and palletizing machines, which are suitable for the secondary packaging of food in different packaging forms and packaging needs.


Many years of independent research and development in the food industry have accumulated abundant packaging experience in seasoning, oil products, meat products and other fields.


Develop an overall solution for information management of food enterprises, which covering the application management of the whole process of food manufacturing enterprises, and changing "tracing after the event " into "prevention in advance" and "control in the event". It can realize the "source can be followed, the direction can be known, and the status can be checked" of products. It effectively reduces the risk of food quality and safety, and improves the production efficiency.


With many years of packaging experience in the industry, U-PACK ensure the feasibility of solutions and customer satisfaction.

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