With the rapid development of pharmaceutical technology, the trend of large-scale manufacturing and mass production of drugs is becoming more and more obvious, which puts forward higher requirements for pharmaceutical machinery equipment, especially for post pharmaceutical packaging equipment. For injection products such as penicillin bottle, ampoule bottle, oral liquid bottle, etc., the equipment maintains stability under high-speed operation conditions, meets the compatibility of multiple kinds of packaging, is suitable for rapid switching of multiple kinds of products, and achieves the requirements of overall packaging automation and traceability, which becomes the difficulty of industry development, and also the opportunity to improve the performance and technology of packaging equipment.

U-PACK packaging R & D team combines domestic and international development trends, introduces foreign advanced design concepts, and through U-PACK manufacturing platform, strives to build a high-quality, high-performance, highly automated drug packaging system to meet the increasing packaging needs of domestic and foreign customers.

What can U-PACK do for the pharmaceutical industry?


The pharmaceutical packaging equipment independently developed by U-PACK include automatic blister machine, high-speed cartoning machine, multifunctional case packing machine, automatic case packing machine, automatic palletizing machine, etc. These pharmaceutical equipments cooperate with the self-developed SCADA system, production line managing system, automatic warehouse management and control system to realize the whole line of equipment information management and help the pharmaceutical industry to reach intelligent manufacturing.


Overall design of the whole line layout, overall consideration of people flow / logistics / process flow, flexible interface design, material dynamic balance management, counting and tracking of products and quality process control.


The application of drug information data on automatic packaging line, such as product name identification, code assignment, code reading, code verification, supervision code association, traceability, uploading, automatic data formula establishment, batch management, product count statistics, etc., effectively strengthens the data management of drug production and subsequent logistics transportation.


The risk management and control of drug safety production and packaging are ensured by the following measures: 

-The targeted design of single equipment and interface to establish the risk management of related hardware. 

-Using sensor / visual system / X-ray to identify the product and software to analyze the data curve, so as to realize the safe operation of the whole line, real-time monitoring and management of drug safety production. 

-Multiple safety protection and real-time monitoring system at the top level.


Improve the automation and intelligence of secondary packaging for the drug, reduce the labor intensity and human intervention; optimize the production line through the intelligent centralized control software system, improve the production capacity and efficiency, and meet the OEE standard.


According to different packaging needs of customers, such as irregular product, new packaging methods and new packaging materials, U-PACK could help customer design or develop the product packaging method, package appearance and other support services; equipment optimization is carried out to meet the customized needs of customers.


Meet GMP, FDA and other certification requirements.


The pharmaceutical packaging team helps customers improve production capacity, improve drug value and build the pharmaceutical brand from the aspects such as process design, software design, project management, project implementation and delivery, project maintenance, etc.


Have many years of packaging experience in many fields to ensure the feasibility of solutions and customer satisfaction.

Main Process

Lamp inspection
Blister packaging
Primary supervision code
Weight checking
Film wrapping
Secondary supervision code
Weight checking
Case packing
Case sealing
3rd supervision code
Transfer to automated warehouse

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Automatic cartoning machine

Automatic case packaging machine

Palletizing machine

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