With the continuous upgrading of the consumption level of residents, the types and packaging of beverages are also constantly enriched and improved. Common drinks include carbonated drinks, fruits and vegetables drinks, functional drinks, tea drinks, milk drinks, coffee drinks, etc. The packaging forms are bottled, sterile package, bag, cup, etc. The rapid development of people's living standards has brought a broader market to beverage enterprises. How to speed up the technology upgrading and scale expansion of beverage production, and meet the flexible production requirements of multi varieties customization, are the big challenge for manufacturers of packaging equipment.

What can U-PACK do for the beverage industry?


U-PACK can provide the whole line from unloading, filling, sterilization to secondary packaging such as case packaging, case palletizing and delivering to automated warehouse.


The secondary packing machine developed by U-PACK independently which including wrap around case packing machine, top loading case packing machine and palletizing machine to match the packaging requirement for drinks with different packaging forms.


Aiming at the production and packaging of new aluminum bottle beverage products, U-PACK has the practical engineering experience of the whole line of turnkey project. The subsystem of the project includes: empty bottle unloading system, nitrogen filling system, filling and capping system, liquid level and pressure detection system, pasteurization system, film wrapping machine, wrapping around case packing machine, case stacking machine,etc.


Through the information management of the production and marketing end, we can realize the whole process traceability, ensure the long-term quality and safety, fully interact with consumers, and win the trust of consumers.


Having many years of industrial packaging experience in many fields to ensure the implementation of solutions and customer satisfaction of project delivery.

Main process

Empty bottle depalletizing
Empty bottle rinsing
Filling and capping
Sterilization by reversing bottle
Spray sterilization
Air blowing
Pressure detection
Sleeve labeling
Wrap around case packaging
Film wrapping machine
Shrink packaging
AGV deliver loaded pallet into automated warehouse


Key equipment for beverage packaging

Wrap around case packer

Automatic case packaging machine

Palletizing machine

Package sample for beverage

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Beverage packaging on-site

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