Dairy products

Dairy products

With the rapid development of the national economy and the continuous upgrading of the consumption level of residents, dairy products have become an indispensable source of dietary nutrition for every family. The dairy industry has developed various types of packaging forms for different consumer groups and subdivision field: liquid milk in bags, sterile bricks, sterile pillows, tin cans of milk powder, etc. Packaging forms are changing with each passing day. How to meet the needs of automatic packaging of different packaging products has become a challenge and opportunity for the development of the industry.

In the past 15 years, U-PACK has been following the pace of the industry, devoting itself to independent research and development, providing customers with the overall solution of dairy manufacturing, dairy packaging and intelligent storage, the food quality and safety traceability system, one unit one code system , the whole process high-speed canned milk powder production system with speed of 150 cans / minute which is integrated with international famous equipment. Our intelligent packaging line is widely recognized and approved by the clients. We will continue to work hard for delighting the clients. Professional because of persistence!

What can U-PACK do for dairy industry?


Integrate with international famous equipment supplier for offering the whole packaging system including empty can depalletizing, powder filling, can sealing, case packing, palletizing and enter into automated warehouse.


Provide turnkey project including dairy product manufacturing, dairy product packaging and automated warehouse.


Establish traceability system for the food quality and safety which cover from raw material of food to the end user.


Establish manage system of “one unit one code” and the relation of multi code integration to achieve accurate traceablility.


Through the information management of the production and the marketing, our system can realize the monitoring and tracing of the whole life cycle of the product, and has many functional applications such as sales anti fleeing and the establishment of the consumer membership system.

Main process

AGV deliver empty can to depalletizing area
Robot depalletizing empty can
S-lowerator and air rinse
Empty can inspector(Vision system)
Powder filling and can seaming
Fliptop capper
Buffer system
Case packing
Case palletizing
AGV deliver loaded pallet into automated warehouse

Flow chart

Key equipment for dairy product packaging

Wrap around case packer

Automatic case packaging machine

Depalletizing machine

Palletizing machine

Dairy product package

Clients in dairy industry

Dairy product packaging on-site

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