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Advantages of fully automatic cartoning machine

The automatic cartoning machine uses a high-speed distribution device to pack various containers, bottles, cans, boxes and other items, and it is also suitable for packaging boxes with partitions. The items are picked up by the clip and placed in the opened carton. When the grab head is raised, the carton is discharged and sent to the sealing machine, which is controlled by PLC and touch screen. The assembly line is easy to operate, manage, reduce production personnel and labor intensity, and is an indispensable equipment for automated large-scale production.

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The Development Trend of Automatic Cartoning Machines – Will Be Fully Applied by All Industries

After the reform and opening, Chinese various production areas have achieved rapid development, packaging materials and processing technology have made significant progress.

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Palletizing Machines Are Widely Used to Promote Industrialization

Labor shortages and expensive labor problems have plagued many labor-intensive enterprises in recent years. In addition, under the pressure of rising prices of raw materials and fluctuations in market demand, many enterprises have begun to use machines to replace labor, they use intelligent equipment instead manual labor, automatic palletizing machine is one of the most widely used equipment.

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Automatic Packaging Machine Will Be Indispensable for Enterprises to Improve Production Efficiency

Under the great situation of Chinese "Belt and Road" construction, Chinese food processing and packaging industry has gained huge business opportunities, which has also given the packaging market a huge potential. In fact, automated and intelligent production forms have gradually replaced the traditional manual mode and have occupied a huge market share in modern production. Among them, the market demand for automatic packaging machine is huge.

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Automated Warehouse - A Dark Horse in Warehouse Management!

With the rapid development of Chinese logistics industry, the degree of automation and informatization has also continued to increase in recent years. Under the background, intelligent logistics equipment integrating logistics information technology and automation technology has also entered a high-speed development stage, of which the automated three-dimensional warehouse is a representative device.

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