The Development Trend of Automatic Cartoning Machines – Will Be Fully Applied by All Industries

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After the reform and opening, Chinese various production areas have achieved rapid development, packaging materials and processing technology have made significant progress. Automatic cartoning machines have begun to be applied. With the rapid rise of packaging machinery, automatic cartoning machines have taken the lead in various packaging machinery with its absolute advantages especially in recent years.

Nowadays, automatic cartoning machines have become widely used machinery and equipment. With the continuous increase of market demand for pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, food and beverages in China, various new products have also emerged endlessly. With automatic cartoning machines as a support, many package works got higher packaging quality and production efficiency, it also brings great convenience to people's lives.

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Development must coexist with opportunities and challenges. The development of the market has brought opportunities for automatic cartoning machines. However, in today's increasingly competitive market, if you want to occupy a dominant position, you must not only have excellent quality, but also be able to adapt to the market demand. Take the food industry for example, people ’s living standards have improved and the quality requirements for food have become higher. Not only the quality of food must pass the borders, but food packaging is becoming more and more important.

In order to achieve the exquisite appearance, bright color, bump resistance, light weight, bright surface and flatness of food packaging boxes, all packaging machinery industries are innovating and developing more diverse automatic cartoning machines to meet the smooth development of production. In fact, with the change of the market, almost every industry has put forward higher requirements for packaging, so the competition of the automatic cartoning machine industry is becoming increasingly fierce.

The demand for automatic cartoning machines is growing and many packaging machinery manufacturers and enterprises are moving towards fast, low energy, and low-cost packaging equipment. Shanghai U-Pack also carried out diversified research and development and divided the automatic cartoning machine into continuous and intermittent types according to the working mode. The continuous model is suitable for the high-speed automatic cartoning of small packaging products. With high transmission accuracy, accurate positioning and high-speed stability, the intermittent model is suitable for the cartoning needs of larger specifications. 

With the improvement of science and technology, the automatic cartoning machine industry has greatly improved in terms of technical level, equipment functions, and quality, and has played an important role in supporting more efficient and safe consumption of packaging by enterprises. In order to better promote the use of automatic cartoning machines in various industries, the automatic cartoning machine industry will further innovate and develop. In the future, daily necessities, maternal and child beauty, industrial electricians, beverage medicine, 3C office will be used in various industries. 


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