Advantages of fully automatic cartoning machine

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The automatic cartoning machine uses a high-speed distribution device to pack various containers, bottles, cans, boxes and other items, and it is also suitable for packaging boxes with partitions. The items are picked up by the clip and placed in the opened carton. When the grab head is raised, the carton is discharged and sent to the sealing machine, which is controlled by PLC and touch screen. The assembly line is easy to operate, manage, reduce production personnel and labor intensity, and is an indispensable equipment for automated large-scale production.

Advantages of Robot Packing Machine:

  1. It can save labor and reduce the work force of workers. The use of industrial boxing robots to box products can save labor. If used with conveyor belts at the same time, one operator can easily operate 2-3 conveyor lines, and It solves the problem of many packing workers, and eliminates a series of problems such as safety hazards and product reduction caused by fatigue.

2. The safety factor is high, which can improve efficiency; manual packing has the risk of pinching hands, and the use of industrial robots can ensure safe production.

3. It can improve the quality and prevent the box from being damaged. The use of industrial robots can avoid secondary pollution of products and improve product quality. Misoperation in the manual packing process can easily cause damage to the appearance of the box. Industrial robots can avoid errors in the packing process due to the fixed packing procedure. operating.

4. It can get rid of the inertia of manual operation, whether day shift or night shift operators work for a long time will produce a sense of inertia and fatigue, and will extend the time of opening and closing the mold when it is taken out. And workers will be absent from work due to work mood, holidays, physical conditions, etc., especially around the Spring Festival, where the staff in the dormitory factories are very scarce. The use of manipulators can get rid of the inertia and fatigue of manual operation, and there is no need to worry about the absence of workers and interfere with the factory. Normal production, and will not affect production due to brain drain


The boxing machine is a mechanical equipment that completes boxing of various commodities in accordance with the boxing request set in advance. The packing machine uses advanced skills and controls, and the optimized planning of the professional skill team makes the stack shape tight, regular and beautiful. The packing speed is fast and the function is stable, which has become the best choice for many companies in packing work. With the continuous changes in market needs, the function and skill level of the boxing machine are also constantly advancing, bringing higher power to the company's production.


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