Palletizing Machines Are Widely Used to Promote Industrialization

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Labor shortages and expensive labor problems have plagued many labor-intensive enterprises in recent years. In addition, under the pressure of rising prices of raw materials and fluctuations in market demand, many enterprises have begun to use machines to replace labor, they use intelligent equipment instead manual labor, automatic palletizing machine is one of the most widely used equipment.

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Automatic palletizing machine is a device that automatically stacks the conveyed bags, cartons or other packaging materials in accordance with the working mode required by the process and transports the stacked materials. The emergence of automatic palletizers has helped enterprises solve the above problems. Faced with a large number of product transportation and palletizing every day, they only need to use an automatic palletizer to operate, which achieves accurate, efficient and cost-saving effects.

According to the current market demand, automatic palletizing machines can generally be divided into different types such as robotic palletizing machines, robotic unstacking and mechanical palletizing. As the automatic palletizing machine successfully realizes the online high-speed unattended automatic palletizing process, which effectively saves manpower and financial resources and improves the production efficiency, more and more industries have demanded the automatic palletizer. Many companies say that the automatic palletizer has greatly promoted the industrial process.

The reason why the automatic palletizer can be recognized by the market can be answered from the following aspects. The automatic palletizer is more effective than manual palletizing and can save warehouse space. Due to its limited height and manual stacking, the manual stacking is not tidy enough to a certain height is prone to collapse. There are hidden safety hazards and it will occupy more warehouse space. In the automatic palletizer intelligent stacking operation, its robotic arm can be extended, not only the height of the pallet is higher, but also tidier. There is no collapse caused by skew or irregular, which is more secure. Compared with previous workshop warehouses, automatic palletizers can save more than 50% of space.

More importantly, it has the feature of high efficiency and low cost. It takes time to manually move the goods, to palletize, especially when palletizing to a certain height, the efficiency is lower. The palletizer does not require manual assistance, which is not affected by height, and has higher efficiency. At the same time, manual palletizing requires a lot of manpower. In some enterprises, the annual cost of the porter alone is not a small expense and the automatic palletizer saves manpower and reduces the cost of the enterprise.

In the automated industrial production, the automatic palletizing machine has a very wide range of applications and requirements, and plays a significant role in material transportation and stacking in various industries. At present, the automatic palletizing machine has been applied in the fields of feed, fertilizer, flour, medicine, cement, food and other fields, making the operation of enterprises more intelligent and efficient.


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