Automated Warehouse - A Dark Horse in Warehouse Management!

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With the rapid development of Chinese logistics industry, the degree of automation and informatization has also continued to increase in recent years. Under the background, intelligent logistics equipment integrating logistics information technology and automation technology has also entered a high-speed development stage, of which the automated three-dimensional warehouse is a representative device. 

The automated three-dimensional warehouse has experienced a development course of more than 40 years in China and has now entered a stage of rapid development. For the manufacturing industry, the operation of the automated three-dimensional warehouse is more efficient, which makes the traditional storage system gradually deviate from the traditional deployment method and develop in a leaner and smarter direction, so it is widely used. It can be said that the automated three-dimensional warehouse brings a change to the storage tools and it is a lean management concept.

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On the one hand, the automated warehouse can make full use of the vertical space of the warehouse, greatly increasing the storage capacity. At the same time, it can be stored at will and the system accurately records, further improving the space utilization rate. On the other hand, the automated three-dimensional warehouse adopts intelligent operations and automatic operations throughout the process to ensure timely and accurate information. It can track the flow of goods to achieve traceability of the goods and clear the inventory in a timely manner. This not only improves the efficiency of operations, but also reduces labor costs. 

From being unfamiliar at first to gradually being accepted later, and being widely used today, automated three-dimensional warehouses have changed people's cognition with strength. It also conquered the market and gained recognition. At present, the application of automated three-dimensional warehouses has been increasing in manufacturing enterprises, especially in the tobacco, pharmaceutical, machinery, automotive, food and beverage industries, which have significant advantages and meet the needs of the industry. 

Nowadays, there are many automated warehouses manufacturers and they continue to develop and innovate in terms of R & D and technology. With the improvement of the degree of automation and management, the turnover rate of goods will further increase. With the strengthening of the application of intelligent technology, the types of goods stored in automated three-dimensional warehouses will also be more diversified and the scope of application will be wider. 

It is believed that with the continuous improvement of the reliability and safety of the operation of the automated warehouse, it will become an important part of production logistics and sales logistics.


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