Basic parametersSize1137 (L) 819 (W)325 (H)mm
Max. lift height60mm
Rated load1000kg
Operation parametersRated running speed(no-load)1500mm/s
Rated running speed(rated load)1200mm/s
Rated acceleration(no-load)400mm/s²
Rated acceleration(rated load)300mm/s²
Positioning accuracy±10mm
Stop angle accuracy±1degree
Stop position accuracy±10mm
Battery (lithium iron phosphate)Rated voltage48V
Battery capacity30Ah
Charging cycles1500time
Working time under rated working condition8h
Charging timeCharging time after full discharging<=1.5h
Safety performanceLaser obstacle avoidanceObstacle avoidance with front laser
Infrared obstacle avoidanceObstacle avoidance with rear infrared
Magnetic stripe detectionFront / rear magnetic stripe detection
Emergency stop buttonFront/rear emergency stop button

(*)This product adopts independent shallow charge and shallow discharge power management mode.

  • Using inertial navigation, visual navigation and other technologies to achieve accurate positioning.

  • The two wheel differential drive is adopted to realize the flexible control of forward, backward and rotation.

  • Support multi-level power threshold control, self charging at low power, automatically return to work after charging.

  • Support multi-level safety protection, such as distance detection around, front and rear collision detection, and emergency stop button at front / rear.

  • Support lifting, handling, rotating and lowering of large goods with a weight of up to 1000kg.

  • Through two-color indicator light and digital tube, it will display the power and equipment status.

  • WiFi network communication and seamless roaming are supported, and the network coverage area is accessible.

Multi-shuttle carrier

  • Suitable for different sizes of cartons, bins and standardized unit goods.

  • 2 or 4 direction, single depth or double depth are available

  • High speed, precise positioning

1Shuttle weight< 100KG
2Speed of X-axisLoaded > 3m/sNo-load > 5m/sacceleration 2m/s²
3Speed of Y-axis>2m/sacceleration 0.5m/s2
4Maximum loading<50KG
5High speed lifter for shuttleLoaded >3m/sNo-load > 4m/sacceleration 2m/s²
6High speed lifter for material bin>4m/sacceleration 2m/s²
8Battery cycle count500 thousand times

Robot palletizer

Max. Speed:8 cycles/min

The application of robots in this work greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and increases the reliability and stability of equipment. By replacing different fixtures, it can be applied in the work of depalletizing and palletizing for different products which increase the flexibility greatly.


Low position palletizer

Max. Speed:2.5-3.5 layer/min(3.5layer/min is for the model with 2 product inlets)

The cartons are arranged in a certain order to form a group (layer). The lifter carries the sorting layer up and moves forward to the upper part of the palletizing device, and smoothly places it on the pallets (or the former sorting layer) to form an automatic palletizing. For the high speed palletizing demand, this model can also be customized as a two-channel model.

Robot depalletizer

Max. Speed:8 cycles/min

The equipment can be used for unloading cartons, tins and bags. Different procedures are set up to meet the unloading requirements of different stacking shapes. Different types of fixture are equipped for different products. The optional 3D vision system can meet the unloading requirements of irregular objects (such as large packaging soft bags).


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