Mechanical Case Packaging Machine

The machine can achieve the action of product grabbing and placing by inflating and deflating the grabbing head. The bottle is lifted, moved and lowered by a double four-bar linkage. In order to save non working time, it can move quickly in the no-load return to improve production efficiency. The machine is widely used in the preformed box packaging of bottled products.

Mechanical Case Packaging Machine

  • The three-level decompression mode is adopted to fully reduce the pressure of the product, so that the grabbing head and the product are aligned accurately for reaching high success rate of bottle grasping; after the product enters the packing process, it is in a state of stable transportation without pressure, basically preventing bottles from falling.

  • Adopts German IGUS linear positioning system which has high positioning accuracy and accurate movement, effectively reduces the impact and vibration during working, greatly improves the stability and reliability of the operation of the equipment; no need of lubrication and maintenance, long service life.

  • Reliable operation: The machine is made of special pneumatic components to grasp and place products. Through mechanical operation, pneumatic and electrical control, the product is accurately and reliably loaded into cartons from the bottle conveying platform.

  • Stable operation: The operation of the whole packing process is completed by mechanism driven by different variable-frequency motor, and automatic operation is realized by combining pneumatic, electric and optical control. Coordinated movement, smooth and accurate movement.

  • A variety of protection functions are provided to stop the machine in time in case of failure. The equipment will be shut down under the following circumstances, such as when the box on the conveyor belt is not full, when the bottle on the bottle conveying platform is not full, when the grab head is misplaced with the box, and when the operator enters the safety isolation line, etc.

Mechanical Case Packaging Machine

Bottle shapeRound bottle or square bottle
Packing layer

One layer


8000-36000 bottles/hour

Machine size(L*W*H,unit:mm)
L2900 * W1580 *H3000
Machine weight2000Kg
Voltage3 phases,380V,50HZ
Air consumption1000L/Min   6-8 kg/cm²

Working flow

mechanical case packer working flow.jpg

No.Working flowNote 
1Products infeeding    The infeeding direction depends on the exact requirement.


Lane dividingThe collating solution depends on the exact product pattern for each case.
3Products pickingThe gripping heads and groups quantity depend on the exact speed need.
4Erected cases infeedingThe cases are erected by the upstream case erecting machine.
5Products loadingThe products are placed into the case by top- loading.
6Loaded case outputingThe loaded cases are transferred to the next working station.

Components information

ItemsBrand and Supplier
PLCSiemens, Germany


Beijer, Sweden
MotorSew, Germany
SensorP+F, Germany
Pneumatic componentsFESTO
Low voltage electrical parts Moeller, Germany
Machine frameStainless steel


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