Blister Packaging Machine

This is a thermal formed blister packaging machine which automatically forms blisters, inserts materials, and die cuts in one process. Designed for the packaging of small containers, ampoules, oral drink bottles, syringes for the pharmaceutical industry.

Blister Packaging Machine

  • Automatic dual roll film loading system to reduce labor intensity, improve equipment operation efficiency.

  • Multi zone for heating, independent unit control, gradient heating, temperature self-calculation of PID and monitoring to ensure exact preheating  demand of the packing material .

  • Servo feeding system and four-axes robot loading system meet the loading requirements of different products and specifications.

  • Full servo traction system and real-time position monitoring are adopted to ensure traction accuracy.

  • On-line inspection and monitoring system for quantity and quality of products to ensure production quality and production efficiency.

  • Automatic tracking and controlling function on punching mechanism to avoid product damage caused by misalignment.


Machine size(L*W*H)5700mm×3000mm×2300mm
Air consumption500L/Min   5.0Bar~8.0Bar
Max. Capacity30 cyles/min(depends on the exact product)
Max. film width450mm
Max. stroke length180mm
Max. mould deepth30mm
Film thickness0.25一0.4mm
PVC heating temperature130~150℃


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