Multi-stick Automatic Packing Machine (12 Rows)

This machine is suitable for tea, coffee, condiments, candy, mocha, granules, pharmaceutical pills, tablets, milk powder, vitamins, health products and other powder products.

Multi-stick Automatic Packing Machine (12 Rows)

  • Automatic position correction
    The film mounting plate can move left and right automatically after the sensor check the position, so to automatically correct the film position deviation.

  • Precise packaging
    High precision I-Mark remote control and servo driver ensure accurate packaging and better noise reduction.

  • Two times sealing
    Two times of continuous sealing can ensure the sealing performance and product quality at high speed.

  • Film changing warning
    The alarm will sound two minutes before the film is used up, and the machine will stop at the designated position before the film is completely used up.

  • Security
    A variety of safety devices are installed in the machine. If any door is opened or the wire is disconnected, an alarm will be given automatically.

  • Convenient operation
    To facilitate operation, the adjustment handle is installed in front of the machine.


Capacity300- 700 bags/min
Bag size

Width: 15mm - 30 mm

Height: 60mm -200mm

Volume0.5 -15g
Power220/380V,3P,50/60 Hz 
Air consumption0.4-0.7Mpa、800-1000L/min
Film materialAL+PE, OPP+PE, NYLON+PE
NoteThe exact speed depends on the film material, product volume, product characteristics, bag size, etc.


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