Intermittent Cartoning Machine

The machine runs in intermittent mode, which is mainly suitable for the packing requirements of large-scale products. The motion control module drives the servo motor and the actuator, which makes the operation more accurate and stable. Intelligent formula and module guidance make parameter setting easier. The balcony design make it easy to maintain and operate. It is suitable for feeding and conveying of products with various specification. Fast specification switching, stable and reliable transportation.

Intermittent Cartoning Machine

  • Carton holding system with high capacity

  • Flexible servo tracking system on carton opening mechanism

  • Slow forward and fast backward cartoning system

  • Automatic high adaptability carton sealing system

  • Automatic rejection and feedback system

  • Intelligent and simple adjustment system

  • High speed control system


ItemYZ-CT40 YZ-CT80
Running mode



40-60 cartons/m

60-100 cartons/m
Closing type
Hot melt or tuck-inHot melt or tuck-in
Carton size(Unit: mm)L(160-320)*W(90-200)*H(40-90)L(75-180)*W(40-100)*H(35-60)
Carton requirement250~350 g/㎡Ivory board250~350 g/㎡Ivory board

Working flow

continuous cartoner working flow.jpg

No.Working flowNote
1Product infeeding    The product is transferred by the bucket conveyor.


Blank carton pickingSeparated carton taking and erecting units ensures the perfect  erecting result.
3Blank carton erectingSeparated carton taking and erecting units ensures the perfect  erecting result.
4Product loadingServo technology makes sure the pressure-free during loading motion.
5Carton closureBy tuck-in or holt melt glue sealing
6Sealed cartonThe cartoner could be connected with printer.

Components information

ItemsBrand and Supplier
PLCSiemens, Germany


Beijer, Sweden
MotorSew, Germany
Servo motorSiemens, Germany
SensorP+F, Germany
Pneumatic componentsFESTO
Hot melt glue applicatorNordson, USA
Low voltage electrical parts Moeller, Germany
Machine frameStainless steel


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