Low Position Palletizer

The cartons are arranged in a certain order to form a group (layer). The lifter carries the sorting layer up and moves forward to the upper part of the palletizing device, and smoothly places it on the pallets (or the former sorting layer) to form an automatic palletizing. For the high speed palletizing demand, this model can also be customized as a two-channel model.

Low Position Palletizer

  • Equipped with touch screen, it can display production speed, fault reason and location, and improve the automation level. The carton sorting, stacking layers, pallet supply and discharge of cartons can be controlled by PLC programming.

  • PLC and touch screen of Siemens in Germany and pneumatic components of AIRTAC in Taiwan. High quality electrical components ensure the reliability of the equipment.

  • The safety door and cover are equipped with electrical induction device, "door opening and shutdown", which can provide safety protection for personnel.

  • The stacking mode can be adjusted conveniently and simply on the touch screen.

  • The carton supply system is controlled by the brake motor to ensure that the cartons are transported according to the preset position.

  • The optional automatic stacker pallet has large capacity and can hold 10-12 empty pallets.

  • Several stacking methods can be completed without replacing stacking parts.


Machine size


Machine weight


Voltage3 phases,380V,50HZ
Capacity2.5-3.5 layers/min(3.5 layers/min for dural channel model)


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