Robotic Depalletizer/Palletizer
Robotic Depalletizer/Palletizer
Robotic Depalletizer/Palletizer
Robotic Depalletizer/Palletizer
Type:YZ-XP / YZ-RP

The application of robots in this work greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and increases the reliability and stability of equipment. By replacing different fixtures, it can be applied in the work of depalletizing and palletizing for different products which increase the flexibility greatly.
The machine can be used for the palletizing and depalletizing of boxes, cans and bags...



Robot Depalletizer/Palletizer

  • Robot grabs products in whole layer or in a set number to improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

  • Robot arm is used to complete the unloading  or loading work to ensure accuracy and safety.

  • Robot arm automatically removes and collects cardboard between layers

  • Safety guardrails are grid-type and with safety light curtain. Protective door is equipped with socket-type induction detection.

    Besides the robot system, there are also pallet conveyor, loaded pallet positioning device, empty pallet collecting device and so on.

  • The whole system unit is centralized and controlled by the system control cabinet (PLC), including the logic relations of signal exchange, anti-collision signal, safety door lock, loaded pallet in place signal, loaded pallet position signal and so on.

  • Space saving and flexible for different application.


Fixture type

Suction fixture, grab fixture

Palletizing/depalletizing quantity per cycle

Single unit, several unit, whole layer

Application(production lines VS palletizing/depalletizing stations)One production line VS one/ two/ three palletizing/depalletizing stations
Packaged productscartons, bags, bottles, canned products, etc.
CapacityMax. 8 cycles/min

Working flow

robotic palletizer working flow.jpg

No.Working flowNote
1Product infeeding    The infeeding direction depends on the exact requirement.


Pattern formingIt depends on the exact palletizing requirement.
3Automatic pallet supplyingBy pallet supplying machine
4Pallet feedingPallet buffering station
5PalletizingRobotic palletizing station
6Loaded palletLoaded pallet is transferred to the next station

Components information

ItemsBrand and Supplier
RobotABB or KUKA
PLCSiemens, Germany


Beijer, Sweden
MotorSew, Germany
Servo motorSiemens, Germany
SensorP+F, Germany
Pneumatic componentsFESTO
Hot melt glue applicatorNordson, USA
Low voltage electrical parts Moeller, Germany


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