Wrap Around Case Packer YZ-T12
Wrap Around Case Packer YZ-T12
Wrap Around Case Packer YZ-T12

This warp around case packer is widely used in dairy and beverage industries, fully automated secondary packing aseptic package like Tetra pak and Combibloc, etc. It greatly increased the production efficiency and save packaging cost.


Wrap Around Case Packer YZ-T12

  • Special design to preventing products falling and make sure that the transfer is smooth and stable.

  • The case erecting device is full-care type, which ensures that the case is treated gently.

  • Counting up the stocked products for avoiding the bottom wear caused by long waiting.

  • One button to switch between single channel and dual channel.

  • All adjustable parts are equipped with digital display.

  • The products loading device is driven by servo motor.

  • Equipped with drain tray to prevent the contamination on the machine caused by products leaking.

IMG_20201102_140838_副本.jpg    IMG_20201102_140527_副本.jpg


Closing typeHot melt glue
Carton size range(unit:mm)L(200-450)*W(160- 350)*H(90-250)
Carton blank size range(unit:mm)L(600-1280)*W(240-600)
Machine size (L*W*H, unit:cm)L(4850)*W(1680)*H(1800)
Air comsumption800L /Min 6-8kg/cm2
Carboard requirementCorrugated paper
Tags: 包装线

Working flow

wrap around case packer T12 working flow.jpg

No.Working flowNote
1Product infeeding    The infeeding direction depends on the exact requirement.
2Servo transferringThe servo driven conveyor transfers the product to the groupping area.
3Product collectingFor collecting products of several cases


Pattern formingThe collating solution depends on the exact layer pattern.
5Case erectingOne sheet case is sucked by vacuum cups and transferred to the loading station.
6Products loadingDriven by servo unit.
7Main flaps pressing and sealing By hot melt glue
8Side flaps pressing and sealingBy hot melt glue

Components information

ItemsBrand and Supplier
PLCSiemens, Germany


Beijer, Sweden
MotorSew, Germany
Servo motorSiemens, Germany
SensorP+F, Germany
Pneumatic componentsFESTO
Low voltage electrical parts Moeller, Germany
Hot melt glue applicatorNordson,USA
Machine frameStainless steel


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