Wrap Around Case Packer YZ-WAH45
Wrap Around Case Packer YZ-WAH45
Wrap Around Case Packer YZ-WAH45

The machine adopts servo driven control technology and its working mode is continuous. It is suitable for high-speed and continuous operation in beverage, dairy and food industries.

Wrap Around Case Packer YZ-WAH45

  • The cardboard magazine could store up to 800 cardboard at a time.

  • Apply the advanced ELAU servo control system.

  • Strong system expansion ability, networking ability and good openness.

  • Adopt the advanced low-impact bottle-feeding separation system, which prevents extrusion and explosion of bottles by minimizing the thrust of the feeding belt on the separating mechanism.

  • The automatic clutch and photoelectric shutdown device are installed on the bottle pushing mechanism to prevent the bottle from deforming due to the extrusion and falling of bottle during transferring forward.

wrap around case packer details 2.jpg
wrap around case packer details 1.jpg


Closing typeHot melt glue
Carton size range(Unit:mm)L(260-450) * W(160-300) * H(90-330)
Carton blank size range(Unit:mm)L(580-1450) * W(370-680)
Machine size (L*W*H, unit:mm)L11000×W1800×H2600mm
Voltage3 phases,380 V 50 Hz
Air comsumption800L/Min   6.0 kg/cm2
Carboard requirementCorrugated paper

Working flow

continuous warparound case packer WAH45 working flow.jpg

No.Working flowNote
1Product infeeding    The infeeding direction depends on the exact requirement.


Lane dividingThe lanes quantity depends on the exact product pattern for each case.
3Product grouppingThe product is groupped according to the quantity and pattern of each case.
4One sheet case infeedingThe case is picked by vacuum cups and transferred to the loading station.
5Product loadingThe products are lowered on the case.
6Main flap pressing and sealingBy hot melt glue
7Side flaps pressing and sealingBy hot melt glue

Components information

ItemsBrand and Supplier
PLCSiemens, Germany


Beijer, Sweden
MotorSew, Germany
Servo motorSiemens, Germany
SensorP+F, Germany
Pneumatic componentsFESTO
Hot melt glue applicatorNordson, USA
Low voltage electrical parts Moeller, Germany
Machine frameStainless steel


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